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vendita 442
Land of about 3000 sqm, located near to Ripaioli locality, about 10 km from Todi, with beautiful views of the city Todi and surroundings, with the possibility to build a house of about 114 sqm above ground + porches and terraces + appliances. If the house is built in class A, there is a possibility to add another 25% of the allowed surface. There is a possibility to buy further land. Access is from the private road, about 200 meters from the asphalt road. All services to be connected are in the immediate vicinity.

vendita 442
vendita 442
vendita 442
vendita 442
vendita 442


Reference: 442
Sqm: 3000
Parking space:SI
Town: TODI
Province: PERUGIA
Region: UMBRIA


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