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vendita 138
Antique house 550sqm on 3 levels, partially restructured: the roof, the floors and the stuccoing of the external walls. The original floors with wooden beams and fire-bricks still remain in 2 rooms. The works still to be done are all the system: lighting plant, heating system, water system, the frames and the flooring. Almost  all the rooms are large and easily divisible according to the needs of the building (for example : as B&B and/or Hotel accommodation) Located in the municipality Acquasparta, province of Terni.  It's also possible to buy the structure. Not subject to energy certification because the property is to be restored.

vendita 138
vendita 138
vendita 138
vendita 138


House indipendent
Reference: 138
Sqm: 550
Parking space:SI
Garage: NO
Province: TERNI
Region: UMBRIA


Scarica l'allegato 1 - PS.pdf Allegato: PS.pdf

Scarica l'allegato 2 - PT_7.pdf Allegato: PT_7.pdf

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Displays the precise location of the property